Top 5 Benefits and Uses of Agarwood Oil Super Quality A++ Grade

Top 5 Benefits and Uses of Agarwood Oil Super Quality A++ Grade

Top 5 Benefits and Uses of Agarwood Oil Super Quality A++ Grade

Top 5 Benefits and Uses of Agarwood Oil Super Quality A++ Grade

If you are still wondering why Agarwood oudh oil is highly overrated and widely sought after essential oil in the world, then it is the right time to know the reason behind it. Agarwood essential oil is derived from infected agarwood trees. This dark resinous heartwood is formed in infected trees of Acquilaria and Gyrinops families that are abundantly found in Southeast Asia. It might look surprising but true that the cost of Agarwood oil super quality A++gradeis higher than gold itself. Though the craze for this essential oil is all over the world, yet some of the prominent nations where the demand is on a higher side include France, Gulf countries, Australia, European countries, etc. 

Before we shed more light on its utility and benefits, let us ascribe some deeply rooted facts and spiritual significance of Agarwood oudh. 

The description and importance of agarwood are found in almost all scriptures and religious books such as Islamic scriptures, Sahih Muslims, the Torah, the Bhagwat Gita, the Charaka Samhita, the Sushruta Samhita and the Gospel. It is assumed to be the favorite fragrance of Lord Krishna. According to Buddha, it is the scent of Nirvana (the state of attaining divinity). For Samurai warriors, its perfumed is used on their armory as a sign of good luck before marching for the battle. The King Louis XIV of France used to wash his clothes in the blended water of agarwood oil and rose. 

Benefits and various uses of Agarwood oudh oil

A proven antidepressant

If you constantly remain under stress, anxiety or depression, Agarwood oudh oil can considerably help you overcome such problems. It contains agarospirol which works as a strong anti-depressant. It instantly releases a calm effect that depresses the central nervous system that eventually reduces tension and improves physical health.

Serve as an anti-aging agent

Agarwood essential oil is highly renowned for its anti-aging properties and elements. It reduces the risk of mercury neurological disorders and enormously helps in preventing skin aging. Thus, it makes your skin look healthy by removing blemishes and accumulated toxins.

Useful in treating skin diseases

Sound surprising! It is a proven fact that agarwood is excessively recommended in Ayurveda to treat various skin diseases and disorders. It has multiple healing properties that help in recovering and treating skin related problems like allergies, inflammation, infection and more. Its soothing effect helps in mitigating inflammation and promotes blood flow.

Treat sleeping disorders

The calming effect of Agarwood oil super quality A++grade is highly effective in promoting sound sleep and mitigating anxiety levels in your mind. It is reckoned an elixir for those who are grappling with high stress and sleep disorders symptoms. 

Invigorating and energy booster

The regular use of Agarwood oil helps in multiple ways boosting our spiritual and physical health. It is considered one of the best detoxifying agents. Its aromatic effects as well as powerful ingredients infuse great energy and a sense of serenity. It is used as an energy booster since ancient times. 


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