Agarwood Tree in India - Why it is Used in Perfume

Agarwood Tree in India - Why it is Used in Perfume

Agarwood Tree in India - Why it is Used in Perfume

Agarwood Tree has been used in perfumery since ancient times. In India, the native species of Agarwood are famous for their fragrance. In fact, the term 'Agarwood' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'agra', which means fragrance or sweet-smelling oil. The tree bearing the fragrance of this fragrant oil is also called by various names like 'Rakta-Agar', 'Neti-Agar', 'Ras-Agar', and 'Swedan-Agar'.


The bark of the tree is dried and used for incense. Incense from the agarwood tree has a great aroma, which imparts a kind of mood-lifting fragrance to the wearer. Its scent can remind one of forest, peace, and romance. To this day, Indian perfumes incorporate the distinct smell of this wonderful tree.


Even in North America, Agarwood has gained a significant place in perfumery. The main reason for this is that the leaves of the Agarwood have been extensively processed to make oil for the purpose of making incense, tea for medicinal purposes, and as a sedative in Chinese medicine. The fame of the Agarwood perfume in the world is perhaps due to the exotic aroma of the leafy plant, as well as to the therapeutic properties of the volatile oils from the leaves.

Assam Oudh

There are agarwood trees in Assam which are used as an organic source for making perfumes and fragrances. Its dark brown, aromatic leaves give a rich, deep scent which is very powerful. The fragrance of this agarwood varies depending on the season and the location where the trees grow. Its distinctive scent has won several awards and its demand is high among perfume manufacturers.


There are many fragrances available under the name 'Agarwood'. Some of them are produced from the whole agarwood tree while some others come from extracts of the leaflets and stalks only. In the list of pure Oudh varieties, the most famous is the Assam Oudh. It has a floral fragrance and an oriental-like feel to it. This Oudh is blended with a blend of rose oil and honey for imparting a unique sweetness to the wearer.


Other popular Assam Oudh varieties are made from leaves and stem only. They have a very light aroma and are used primarily for making sweet, lightly sweet perfumes. Today, there is also a wide range of perfumes available for customers.


Most of the fragrances from the exotic South Indian woods are hard, dry, and difficult to manufacture. This makes them quite expensive. There are many versions of Oudh fragrance and perfumes/attar. These fragrances are not only sought after for their incomparable aroma and lasting power but also because of the medicinal benefits that they are known to offer.


Its distinctive and fresh aroma is sweet and delicious. The aroma is so enticing that you won't dare to try to run away! It is also used for skincare, skin massage, and aromatherapy. It is widely used for making exotic natural perfumes.


The agarwood tree is a major ingredient in Indian perfume. It adds a pleasant and earthy aroma to various perfumes including Pure Vanilla, Sweet Rose, and Fruit Flavors. In addition to that, it also provides some protection from skin rash, insect bites, and wounds. Thus, if you are looking for a natural and organic perfume then this oil base is one of the best options. You will get excellent and high-quality products made of this tree in India.


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